Planning the exhibition hang

Monday 10th October 2022 at 23:07


Today we have had the incredibly exciting job of selecting which of Anita's works from a choice of over 1,300 editions, to hang at our three venues.  In the gallery we have chosen to display an overview of Anita's work: we have chosen our favourite one or two prints from each of Anita's 40 years of working - so that hopefully when you visit the gallery you will instantly be able to see the progression of style, and new printing methods used as well, of course the changes in Anita's family as they grow together. 


The Studio is hung more heavily - we've put up as many works as we can fit! We want to really show the abundance and huge scope of Anita's work and to celebrate in these joyful, life-affirming images. It really is like arranging a jigsaw on the walls but I think we've cracked it...!  I can't wait to see everything up and labelled tomorrow...!